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Puzzle is a game, problem, or toy that tests a person's ingenuity or knowledge. In puzzle, pupils/students are required to put pieces together in a logical way, in order to arrive at the correct solution. There are different types of puzzles for different ages, such as crossword puzzles, word-search puzzles, number puzzles, riddles, logic puzzles and so on. Puzzles in this club are devised as a form of entertainment but will help pupils/students develop their mathematical and logical thinking ability. 
Our puzzles will be designed in manner that players will be required to recognize patterns and to create a particular kind of order.
The game will also help in identifying people with a high level of inductive reasoning aptitude who are better at solving problems than others as well as those with good deduction skills who can solve problems based upon inquiry and discovery.

Study the above pyramid carefully and find the values of E and D.



Youth Builders Initiative (YBI) formerly Batula Youth Movement (BYM) is a Community Based Youth led and Youth focused organization, established in the year1999 and formally registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as YBI in December 2013 for the main purpose of contributing to economic and social development of youths, community development, Public Health Advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention in Nigeria through training, capacity building, awareness campaign development and advocacy. The organization was formed to address the various developmental needs of young people in order for them to make meaningful contributions to the advancement of the society.

YBI is also registered with Lagos State AIDS Control Agency (LSACA), National Youth Network on HIV/AIDS (NYNETHA) Lagos Chapter and various networks nationally and internationally, it has also been represented in different HIV and Human Rights conferences locally and internationally.
In the past YBI had organized several activities such as Workshops, Seminars, Trainings, HIV Peer Education Training and Concerts to pass across information to the youths on the various challenges they are faced with while also encouraging them to contribute to the development of their communities.
The organization also partnered with the International Rectal Microbicides Advocate - IRMA Nigeria, on the Global Lube Access Mobilization Project -GLAM, in 2013. The 6 months (April -October 2013)project which was funded by amfAR and AIDS Foundation of Chicago was aimed at advocating for the inclusion of access to safe, affordable and condom compatible lubricants in the Nigeria HIV Strategic Plan, targeting 5 State Agencies for the Control of AIDS - Cross-Rivers, Lagos, FCT, Kano and Rivers States.


YBI envisions a society free of all forms of discrimination where all young people irrespective of sexual orientation and gender identity, have the opportunity to fully understand their rights, responsibilities and duties as it relates to self discovery and nation building.


Providing sexual reproductive health and human rights education, and developing the potentials of young people through capacity building, Training, empowerment, education, and direct services.


YBI’s objectives include the following:
● To organize conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings and open debates on issues concerning youth development and empowerment in Nigeria.
● To organize sensitization workshop and seminars for awareness on housing and human rights linkage to HIV/AIDS as it relates to Key Affected Populations with the aim of reducing stigma and discrimination.
● To provide technical assistance and develop the capacity as a monitoring organization to other community and youth based NGOs implementing intervention activities geared towards youth and community development in Nigeria.
● To encourage volunteerism among young people.

● To network and collaborate with other Non-governmental organizations and mainstream organizations with similar objectives.

Currently, YBI is providing capacity and technical assistance to 2 community based organizations in Abuja FCT- Galadimawa Progressive Youth Association (GPYA) which she co founded in 2011 and Friends of Health Volunteer Initiative FHVI, which is a group of Peer Health Educator Trainers, trained under the US Ambassador PEPFAR Small Grant, facilitated by YBI.

YBI has aided in the implementation of many projects executed by GPYA which includes:
● Initiation of the monthly clean up of the community in accordance with the Federal Government compulsory end of the month environmental sanitation exercise in January 2012.
● HIV Free St. Valentine’s Day Concert, with the Theme: Showing Love without Spreading HIV held on the 14TH of February 2012 at Galadimawa Primary School.
● Skills Acquisition training on computer appreciation for 10 members of GPYA in April 2012
● Commemoration of the UN World Environmental Day, with the theme; Think. Eat. Save held on the 5th of June 2013 at Galadimawa Primary School.
The organization is also presently consulting for State Department Sponsored Youth Alumni Association, to train youth in 4 communities within AMAC, Abuja on Training of Trainers Workshop for Community Peer Educators & Care Givers on


Nabel Kiddies Academy


Nabel Kiddies Academy (NKA) is a place where kids are nurtured and cared for, while also developing their creative minds by teaching them with the latest teaching aids and tools used in USA and Britain.
Early life education is very important in building a strong educational foundation for kids. The quality of early education received by children will go a long way to shape their thinking and mentality as well as creative minds. This will also ensure a strong academic foundation. That is why we believe at Nabel Kiddies Academy that, helping to teach kids creativity at a tender age will help them develop problem solving skills which are a vital ingredients and qualities of a good leader.



Youth Builders Initiative (YBI) supports communities, initiates intervention programmes and contributes to tackling lingering issues in different communities through its Medium Term Intervention Programmes (M-TIP). We highlight the key issues of priorities, which will be strategically organized around five (5) Focus Areas as follows:

• Focus Area 1. Education and Gender Equality
• Focus Area 2. HIV/AIDS Awareness
• Focus Area 3. Campaign Against Social Violence
• Focus Area 4: Campaign Against Child Labour, Exploitation and Abuse
• Focus Area 5. Youth Capacity Building and Empowerment

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